Spreadsheet Architecture - Advanced Excel for professionals

Significantly improve the quality of decision making in your organisation

We specialise in providing support to large organisations who already use advanced spreadsheets, usually to produce robust information on which substantial decisions can be made. Our clients are often at director level, and our staff and colleagues have operated at that level (or similar) in their career. We usually provide short periods of contract work 
(2 -3 weeks) which is specified to improve the quality of your spreadsheet, data and output.

Occasionally, we also run some training courses - generally they are aimed at qualified accountants, but some analysts from other disciplines find our approach refreshing, and learn a lot from us. 

Dramatically reduce the time you spend in Spreadsheets:

Recently we have focused on providing and updating the skills of qualified accountants to take advantage of the recent Get & Transform functionality in Excel 2016 or 365 (it is also there in 2013, but is less friendly).  
We worked with one professional accounting business (near Bristol) and they had a project to reduce their inputs in the production of statutory accounts, by 30% within one year.  Tough but possible. 

You possibly already have the technology - what you may need is a clear understanding of how to achieve the savings, and what skills need updating, and how to modify your IT infrastructure. We can help there. 
Talk to us about this.  

We have identified three levels of Excel user:  check out your own Excel skills on our quick online tests.