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1. Structure: When setting up an important spreadsheet which approach do you adopt?

2. Standards: In new important spreadsheets the approach I adopt is: 

3. Formula: Which is the correct construction to compute a total of the cells in range B5 to G7? 

4. Quick Find: What is the best way to set up links between tabs to allow your users to move quickly between cells where you put important information?

5. Formula: Which is the correct construction to compute the total capital and interest due at the period end based on Capital in B3, Annual Interest rate D6, period in days G11?

6. Formula: Which is the correct construction to compute the formula A cubed plus Square Root of B, minus C?

7. Looking Better: What is the best way to format cells in a standard way?

8. Lists: You use a list of locations regularly. How do you access these as a list, easily?

9. Formula: What is the correct formula to add 10 days to a date in another cell (say cell B7)?

10. Format: What is the quickest way to format one cell as a date?

11. Insert: Which of the following does NOT result in a row being inserted in your spreadsheet?

12. Copy: You have some source calculated data, and you wish to copy the values of the range to elsewhere in the spreadsheet:

13. You have several pieces of data in different parts of the spreadsheet. What is the best way to create a chart of this information?

14. Formula: Your formula in G7 (shows Jan. sales total for product A) is computed from B7 (constant prices) * G2 (the month sales volume). What is the best construction of this formula so you can copy it across the columns for other months and also downwards for other products? 

15. Insert: You created the first month of a forecast with 50 row items using a fixed price on the row, and factors at the head of the column, plus several sub-totals. What is the best way of multiplying up the column details for future forecast months?

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