Excel: Pre-Advanced User (post power user)
        Test your knowledge

In the following questions, please select the best answer for the question. It is possible there is more than one answer – and you will only score the maximum points for the best answer.

1. Your standards in building spreadsheets. Which method do you operate?

2. In your naming conventions, do you :

3. In your view, simple macros are:

4. What are range names?

5. The nesting of if statements means to:

6. The sumif function generates:

7. The iferror() function:

8. Content Security: which of these is FALSE?

9. The quickest way to filter data is:

10. The best way to extract a unique list from a data-set column, to a new location is:

11. Better to use DSUM() where:

12. One accurate explanation of how criteria work is:

13. The Find ()function allows users:

14. Which of the following is NOT true:  Vlookups:

15. Which IS true: The LEFT() MID() RIGHT() and LEN() formulas:

16. The Index()function allows users:

17. The Match() function:

18. You wish to remove all sub totals from a Pivot table you created. You;

19. In another pivot table you wish to analyse the data in groups. You:

20. You wish to create a simple chart, quickly. You:

21. You wish to make your pivot table reports look better and be more engaging. You:

22. You seek to allow your users easier and quicker access to their report information. To produce the reports you implement a means of managing report filters and contents being:

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