Excel Advanced User Course

The days are intensive and cover much of the key Excel knowledge required of Finance Directors or Senior Finance Managers and Analysts in their professional capacity within an organisation: be able to think of the right data and ask the right questions. 

If you have not been on our Power User course, you must take the “Power User” test and gain a score of over 75%. Or i
f you are able to integrate the many functions (such as If, sumif, countif, left, mid, find, match, index) together with range names, good pivot tables knowledge, conditional format and data validation, and can use simple macros - then you will be fine on the advanced course.

All of the sessions are based around real-life practical work with numbers and data, and our approach means that delegates take away the answers to which they can refer back at the office.

Advanced User Excel Course outline: 

We have found that 50% of qualified accountants understand 15% of Excel well, and 90% understand 10% of Excel well. This extra 5% of knowledge is different between individual accountants - one person's essential knowledge is different from that of their colleague. This can lead to issues of inconsistency of knowledge in the organisation - hence why we recommend a consistent advanced foundation. Please complete the test to find out where you are! 

Day 1: 
1. Structuring for organisations: Make your own organisation use s/s well –plus, how to approach other people’s spreadsheets. Plus, 15 minute roundup -Speed up: Fast menu, macros, range names. 

2. Advanced Pivot slicers, filters, auto refresh –extensions for insights. Bars traffic lights, spark-lines. 

3. Controlling user input and selections; drop downs, data validation, dates. 

4. Business modelling, data cascades and 2D forecasting, 

5. Scenario automation 

Day 2: 
6. 3 Dimensional forecasting, bottlenecks 

7. Dashboards, gauges, "top" selections, key data, waterfall charts

8. Clustering & optimisation 

9. Introduction to Big Data and Excel - Power Pivots 

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