2 day Excel Power User Course

The days are intensive and will cover all of the subjects that professional qualified accountants need at their finger-tips, when using spreadsheets in decision making and reporting. 

All of the sessions are based around real-life practical work with numbers and data, and our approach means that delegates always have the answers they can refer to back at the office. Delegates are provided with a pre-loaded USB with all of the course materials: you will be free to use the data, but not publish it.

We strongly recommend you attend and complete our Power User course before booking onto the Advanced User course to ensure you have fully consolidated your core Excel skill set and are ready to address the thinking process behind maximising the functionality of the advanced tools within Excel.

Excel Power User Course outline: 

This course is targeted at Accountants or people who work with numbers a great deal - who need to analyse and show results quickly and efficiently.  You probably use Excel every day - but recognise that you could do things in a different and better way.  We have built the course based on substantial experience of training leading accountants across the UK and we provide an advanced knowledge of Excel and how to get the most from it. We squeeze a great deal into the 2 days (one is not enough) so you will find it intensive. 
On the course, we focus on showing you how to think about Excel differently. We will broaden your exposure to key aspects of Excel and show you how to integrate multiple functions to get more from the software. 
We expect delegates to be comfortable using Excel, and if you can, bring your own laptop with you (you will learn more) - with Excel 2013 or 2016/365 loaded. 2010 is passable but 2007 is not.  Please contact us should you wish to reserve and borrow one of our laptops, if you have not got one with the right specification.  

Day 1: 
1. Structuring: Setting up spreadsheets, standards, naming conventions and approaches to other people’s spreadsheets. 
         Plus, Speed up: Fast menu, simple macros, range names. 

2. Advanced Functions: if, nested if, sumif, countif, iferror, copying formulas, insert. File and Tab security. 

3. Sorting filtering data, extract unique, Dsum, criteria, Find, Search 

4. Pivot tables - manipulating them and adding in fields 

Day 2: 
5. Vlookup left, mid. Index/match. Data Extensions - setting up for insights. 

6. More on Pivots - putting statistics into data for insights 

7. Visualisation & Charting - standard options, trends, bubble 

8. Making Excel look great! Get your message across.

Invoice Your Company Option
At checkout, you may choose that we invoice your company directly. With this option, payment must be received within 21 days - otherwise a £50 fee will apply: for admin and follow up.
Terms & Conditions:
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