Excel Professional Foundation - One Day 

This one day course is especially for those who recognise that they need to get into Excel quickly - and need help with some of the more basic functional aspects of the software. 

You already have a reasonable skill level in Excel - this is not for pure beginners - you might have a role in Administration or Accounting. Within organisations, this course makes sure that everyone has achieved at least a good minimum level of knowledge of Excel. Often we have individuals who have been using Excel (not very efficiently) for years! They invariably learn a great deal - and are really excited about how much time they will save each week.

You could be a student or maybe recently qualified. For many - this Excel course covers the broader basics that you absolutely should have - but never had the time to learn. If you wish to attend the Power User course - you are expected to have the knowledge included in this course at your finger-tips. 

The course has a great deal of content, but runs at a pace that everyone can keep up with.  

The day is in five main parts:

  1. Structure of Professional Spreadsheets, Fast Menus & Finding Things: Intro to range names.

  2. Twenty Formulas, Functions or Approaches: Sorting, Totals, Grouping - use data a box (cube).

  3. Producing Professional Reports: output, formatting, printing and Engaging the Reader.

  4. Introduction to Professional Pivot Tables - fast analysis, make things look good easily. 

  5. Introduction to Professional Charts - data creation & selection, chart selection.

We use real and live data where possible - so delegates use and manipulate real numbers. Whilst this adds a small degree of complexity, it means that the output can be interpreted and understood properly. 

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