Some organisations seek to help Spreadsheet Standards

There are a small number of bodies who seek to help organisations adopt good spreadsheet standards - we applaud them.  The ICAEW have a section of 2 (we understand) who deliver this, and there are a number of individuals running their own companies (e.g. Excel University) who seek similar ends. 

From our perspective, we seek to actually implement good standards, in the belief that as people use them and see the benefits derived from them - but this will only happen if the individuals know that they are adopting standards. We all have to tell people what those standards are.  

Good standards will become standardised and commonly accepted practice when users see and understand the benefit.  The biggest reason for adopting good standards is seen most readily when you pass a spreadsheet to another member of your team. If they need to spend more than about 2 minutes per tab understanding it, you have failed to explain it, or have used formulas too complex, or have built a macro which is too complex. 

If you would like a copy of the standards that we expect Accountants to implement in their spreadsheets, please contact us. When shared with others, a great deal of time and waste effort will be avoided.